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 NO.1196   Andrew John Shawe | Current state : wait interview |
 Citizenship : United Kingdom
 Date Of Birth : 310331
 Education :
 I have a Bachelor of science degree in Psychology from the University of Aberdeen. I have a CELTA qualification which consisted of 160 hours of in class work.
 Experience :
 I am currently working as an English teacher in Moscow for BKC International House in Moscow. I have given seminars to colleagues within my company on the subject of teaching children and co-written a published article for a Russian language teacher conference.

When I worked in the military I helped educate my colleagues while they studied for their English high school exams.
 NO.1195   Asia Lu | Current state : wait interview |
 Citizenship : United States
 Date Of Birth : 19940801
 Education :
 I attended the University of Texas at Austin and graduated in May 2016. I received a bachelor's degree in International Relations and Global Studies. I also can speak three languages: English as my native language, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean.
 Experience :
 I have no formal teaching experience, but I have taught English as a volunteer to Chinese senior citizens to help them prepare for their US citizenship exam. I taught them for about 5 months. I also taught Sunday school to 3-4 year old children for a year, so I know how to interact with children well.
 NO.1194   Elizabeth Victoria Chiang | Current state : wait interview |
 Citizenship : United States
 Date Of Birth : 19930821
 Education :
 Bachelor of Science in Public Health
University of California, San Diego
Degree conferred June 2016

TEFL Certification - 150 Hours
130 Hours Online, 20 Hours In-Class
Awarded by i-to-i TEFL
 Experience :
 5 years experience as a private tutor for elementary, middle, and high school students across a variety of subjects including all levels of mathematics, biology, chemistry, SAT preparation, writing, history, and computer programming
 NO.1193   Zoe Sylvester | Current state : wait interview |
 Citizenship : Canada
 Date Of Birth : 19860511
 Education :
 Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Anthropology and Minoring in Religion.
 Experience :
 Taught English for 2 months in Cambodia.
 NO.1192   Gabrielle Ondrade | Current state : wait interview |
 Citizenship : Canada
 Date Of Birth : 19930506
 Education :
 Bachelor of Education and English with a Minor in Sociology received June 2016.
 Experience :
 Student teacher in a classroom for two consecutive years. Grade 1 and Grade 5/6 (split classroom)
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